Saturday, May 29, 2010

My New.....Chenille Backed Cushions

Here are my new chenille backed cushions. I have made them using cream chenille as a backing and quilters cotton prints for the front. I think I may save them for an upcoming market I am hoping to sell at in July - Hide and Seek Market at Kellyville (stay tuned for more info and dates). I love them to bits and feel to really appreciate them you need to see them in the flesh and feel the warmth of the chenille in your hands. The chenille just pops over the sides to appear at the front of the cushion like a trim. They are so cuddly and would be gorgeous on your little ones bed or on a chair in the corner of the room as a feature on their own. My four year old has put an order in for the planes and hot air balloons for his favourite too!

Best Wishes,


So so busy....

I have had a busy night sewing together some exciting new to come very soon.

Sorry to keep you in suspense but it will be worth the wait!