Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My First "How To" Blog Entry. A Gorgeous Bag in 30 Minutes!

Well here it is.  My first blog entry with instructions on how you can create something lovely.  Maybe for a little ones nappies and wipes for a quick dash to the shop, maybe some ballet shoes and a snack or maybe a bag for yourself to carry your lunch to work or maybe your favourite book on the train.  The possibilites are endless when it comes to uses and who really wouldn't love to carry around something so cute that you "made all by yourself".

The above photos show the steps involved and I will give you measurements here and instructions.  If you would like to purchase the fabric here cut out in strips ready to go you can by visiting our Craftumi store.  The link is https://www.craftumi.com.au/detail.asp?id=61196  Otherwise have a go at purchasing your own fabric and creating your own bag.  Maybe once you get started you will be making them for everyone in your house!

The measurement of the fabric required is 60cm x 38cm.
The two handles measure 52cm x 8cm. 
I have used a cotton here that is thicker than the usual quilters cotton as it makes for a nicer, sturdier bag.

1.  Fold your fabric in half and sew up the bottom and one side leaving 1.5cm seam.  Zig zag edges if you wish.

2. Fold and press both edges of straps over 0.5cm and then over again in half as shown.

3. Sew them in place around 0.2cm from the edge catching both sides and inside hem.

4. Fold over and press top of bag 0.5cm and then 3cm again.  Iron in place.  Place your handles in place as to where you would like them and then pin and stitch in place making sure they match on both sides ie. in the same spot. They will need to be pinned around 0.5cm under the hem so as to be sure they are stitched in place when sewing.

5. Then sew in place with a row of stitching as shown in the photo to catch the handles in both places.

6. Turn your bag the right way out, give it a quick press and fill it with all the things that you love to take out with you on your outings.

7. Enjoy - you just made your own bag!

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  1. This is great Nicole! Especially for someone who is clueless like me! Will have to get out the old Janome and give it a go!